Interview with Tim King of Urban Prep

Interview with Tim King of Urban Prep


In following up with my most recent post Education Models that Work, I intend to post several segments of a recent interview with Tim King of Urban Prep.

In this first segment, I posed the following question to Mr. King:

With the growth of the knowledge-based economy, several countries such as India and China continue to focus the core elements of their education systems around the ability to compete in a global market.

Unfortunately, with dramatic increases in globalization and competition, the United States as well as several other G-7 economies (Developed Western Nations) has dramatically fallen behind in several sectors that are essential to growth, education, and an equitable distribution of wealth. The next generation seems to lack the skills and determination necessary to compete in the global market. Clearly, investments in physical capital, infrastructure, education, and good governance are essential for this nation to compete in a 21st century market.

I'd like to hear your take on these trends; are these issues that you are constantly considering when it comes to Urban Prep's curriculum? Do we have the ability to move in a different direction and is Urban Prep a model that is capable of being duplicated across the nation as Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has claimed?

Click here to listen to Part I of my interview with Mr. King

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Interview with Tim King of Urban Prep

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